How to do emotional marketing

Generating an emotional connection and awakening feelings in your buyers is the main objective of what we call emotional marketing. Once you capture the attention of your target audience and connect with them, it becomes easier to convince your listener to make a decision, and that goes from closing a deal with your brand to signing up for an email list. automatic emails. Girl appearing with various emotions Emotional marketing actions usually explore a particular emotion, which can be positive like joy and pride to the opposite like fear or envy. Regardless of the emotion aroused by your brand, the important thing is that you create this connection with your target audience, that draws their attention to your product or service and arouses their interest.

Everything starts with a good story

That human emotions are powerful is no longer a secret! Without further ado, check out some tips and best practices in the next topics that will help your brand create campaigns with more emotional appeal and increase the connection with your customers. Everything starts with a good story Humans love a good story! Through stories, it is possible to stimulate the most diverse emotions and instigate a connection with your brand, thus being the starting point of any good emotional marketing campaign. Use storytelling to your advantage, becoming a simple and practical way to convey emotion through your products and services; believe me, through storytelling there will be a way to create a beautiful story around even the most unlikely services and products; a good set of words is all you need to create a good story.

Awaken curiosity and surprise

Awaken curiosity and surprise your audience You’ve probably celebrated several birthdays in your life, but if there is one that can be the most memorable and the one you remember most accurately, it’s that surprise party that you didn’t even imagine was being organized. It’s a psychological fact that the brain loves surprises and even more so when their results are positive, triggering a host of other human emotions, including pleasure. Use this factor to your advantage when creating your emotional marketing, explore the unknown, develop new ideas or approach already known concepts through different points, points that your customers may not have noticed before. How about also “provoking” your consumers? Make them question things they thought they knew, so they’ll look for information about you and your brand independently, paying more attention to your content from then on.