Several details must be taken into account

When purchasing an ECG device : price, practicality, functionality, etc. Another factor is the options for your cardiology service, which can choose to buy, rent or lend an electrocardiograph. Everything must be evaluated in order to select the most cost-effective alternative . That is, the one that meets the needs without compromising the budget of your clinic or hospital. I talk about these aspects throughout this article, including ECG machine types, estimated values, and tips for saving money with telemedicine . ECG device: equipment price .

When a manager or entrepreneur

At the head of a health service thinks about acquiring medical equipment , the cost is among the main doubts. This makes perfect sense, after all, the amount intended for the purchase of any device cannot cause financial imbalance. On the contrary, the idea is to increase revenue by offering a greater number of exams, or even a new procedure for the clinic’s portfolio. However, the new electrocardiograph must meet the necessary quality standards to support the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. So, the tip is to research to find a viable alternative. While searching the internet, you will notice that the price can vary greatly, ranging from .

The value depends on factors such as brand

Model, features and whether it is new or used equipment. Although the used ECG device has a lower cost, it is worth putting maintenance costs into the account. How does the ECG device work? The ECG device consists of a monitor, cables and electrodes . To perform the electrocardiogram , the electrodes are connected to the monitor through cables, and positioned on the chest and extremities of the patient’s arms and legs. Placement depends on the device model, as the number of electrodes may vary. The standard modality is the . in which six precordial electrodes are placed on the chest and four peripheral electrodes are placed on the upper and lower limbs.