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If your company contacts the lead in the first 5 minutes after contacting him, the chances of closing sales increase 400 times? Interesting, isn’t it? This happens for a simple reason: when the contact is immediate, possibly the customer is still thinking about the subject and is focused on the product he wants. Pre-sales is usually the person who makes this first approach. Professional responsible for qualifying leads for salespeople. The goal is for salespeople to use their time in presentation , negotiation and closing activities, activities that require skills from a more experienced and expensive professional. Implementing a Pre-Sales or SDR is a way to increase the productivity of your sales process from lead qualification . To understand, therefore, forward in the process, to be worked on by a salesperson, with more chances of converting into sales.

Let’s understand better! What is sales process

The sales process directs the sales team in its activities, defining the purchase journey and the step-by-step of the sellers so that they can lead the lead, increasing the chances of closing sales . Despite being essential, unfortunately, not all companies (from large to small) have a well-defined sales Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers Email Lists process. In practice what happens is that each seller follows his own path. What managers do not realize is that this causes them to lose sales productivity. Resulting in large dispersions of results among their salespeople. And they are often dependent on exceptional professionals. When there is a process. The idea is to optimize the salespeople’s activities. Directing them to achieve the best possible results. Thus, even if they leave the company, the process continues and can be applied by anyone.

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The process belongs to the company

And it’s built around the reality of the buying journey your customers need to go through to close the sale. That is, it is a path that is already traced with more chances of success for the seller. One of the purposes of CZ Lists the process is to standardize tasks. So that salespeople follow the same standard of service. Which corresponds to the company’s culture. If you want to know more about the sales process and how to build yours. Check out the article. The Definitive Guide to the Sales Process One of the ways to. Materialize the process is by structuring a sales funnel. Through which the stages of the purchase journey are define. As well as the passage triggers and reasons for lost. This makes it easier to measure and identify where the gaps in your business process are.