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Actions have PHP cache engine What is OPCache? OPCache is a built-in cache engine use to store compile script code in memory. It works by caching PHP scripts for faster response and better application loading times. If OPCache is enable, each time the PHP script is run for the first time, it is interprete and compile from the (human-readable source code into machine code. Machine code is the instruction language of processors, often calle opcode. The above compilation process is performe only once during the first execution, after which the cache code is written to memory. opcache Since OPCache is a built.

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PHP function, it can be use not only in applications, but also on a regular website, store or blog. The only requirement photo editor is to have PHP version or later. We will answer questions about how to enable OPCache on your website and why you nee at least PHP version in a moment. History OPCache was previously known as Zend Optimizer+, and although it was completely free, it was not an open source project. In , Zend decide to open-source its extension and include it in the PHP core. Thus, OPCache was adde with the PHP . version update and was the successor to the code caching solution calle APC supporte until PHP.

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Then go to the Additional Features tab and select “Select PHP versions. installing opcache – step Step. Go to PHP Settings Find and enable the opcache setting.  Then Save changes. opcache installation – step Questions & Answers Can I use LiteSpee ​​and OPCache simultaneously? LiteSpee ​​Cache is a general page cache and OPCache is a PHP script caching engine. They work on a CZ Lists different level and in a different way, which means they can be use simultaneously without any complications. Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting with OPCache support on the market.