We have is Google but now social networks also have their own tools for advertising. In short, with   you can advertise your products or services on search engines (in this case, Google itself) and on partner sites, such as YouTube and even Google Maps. The ads work like auctions, that is, the highest bid on a keyword means being better positioned in the search engine (but of course, the quality of the site also counts as points to be better ranked). So, whenever someone searches for a keyword, the chances of your site appearing in the first place are much higher. See the example below: the keyword used is “car rental. So the first two results are paid ads, characterized by the word ad. google search example In addition.

Google can be used to promote

Most things can be promoted using Google ADS. Everything that can have a link and is on the internet.  So let your imagination run wild when creating your ads! Site. Physical store; Virtual store; Products; Videos. ADS on social Laboratories Email List networks Although social media. ADSs are not entirely auction-based like Google. You nee to be very assertive in targeting your target audience, as the ad will be shown to people who are intereste in your product. And also, unlike Google, which has a wide range of advertisements, the dissemination of your ads will only be done on the social network. The growth of  usage Many companies are going digital and growing with ads. Companies have been dedicate to making advertisements and publicity so that they are seen and known in the vast world of the internet.

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A study done by State of Social Media

And CX shows that in global spending on Facebook and Instagram ads increased by more people are betting on the results that  has. In Brazil in  the investment rate in digital media (which could be advertisements CZ Lists and investment in content creation) reached  billion. Than in . In addition. Thousand companies made advertisements advertising. In the last quarter of ,  released the number of advertisements that are displaye on the platform. The growth of these ads was  compared to the third quarter of and generate billion dollars for the platform. These commercials that are presente the power to reach more than million users per month in Brazil. A lot, right?

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