The use of digital media to sell and interact with customers, new expressions emerged and others were improved. The interaction between the marketing and sales teams further intensified this situation. So that you always stay up to date, we decided to share a guide with the main expressions that are being used in the sales area . We hope it can help you to make your company’s functions even more practical. Be sure to check it out! Updated Sales Terms It is the seller who has the function of dealing with the sale with the SQLs – qualified leads for sale. AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action These are stages of consumer behavior when engaging in something. AIDA’s focus is to increase the conversion rate by analyzing lead actions. ACQUISITION Strategies for obtaining customers for companies.

Acquisition is related to attracting

New visitors to convert them into leads . Through acquisition, leads can be driven through the stages of the funnel until they reach the closing stage. methodology is the acronym that indicates: Budget, Authority, Need and Time. Allows you to identify and qualify a potential customer. This Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List methodology has 4 requirements, in which the lead needs to meet at least 3 to move on to the next step. That is, it is necessary to have a budget to purchase the product/service, to be the decision maker. To have a need and to be at the right time for purchase. Thus, negotiation can evolve more productively and assertively. BDR – Business Development Representative It is the. Professional who acts in the generation of qualified leads through active prospecting using resources such as cold calling . Cold e-mail and social selling .

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It can also be use to designate the professional

who is responsible for finding new opportunities or new customers for a given product. BENCHMARK Term used to refer to a company. Business or team that is a reference or has achieved success with a specific KPI or strategy. BENCHMARKING It is the action of comparing the CZ Lists performance of processes and metrics in a specific area (Sales, Marketing Development etc.) guided by a company that is a reference in the same market segment. BLACKLIST Reasons or conditions that lead to the exit of the lead from the sales funnel . That is criteria that make the lead stop being a potential customer and return to being nourished by marketing. BSC – Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard is a type of methodology for evaluating the company’s performance which unlike the others. Uses both financial and non-financial indicators.

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