Performance indicators are also known

And to achieve them goals and strategies are outlined. But it’s no use putting so much into practice and not evaluating the performance of each one of them, right? Did you know that measuring these results is as important as doing the strategic planning itself? Measurement is valuable for analyzing what is already being done and for next planning. That’s why performance indicators are great allies of sales managers. From its analysis, it is possible to know which are the strengths of each action and which ones need improvement or optimization. In this article, you’ll learn more about performance indicators and their types and learn about the ones that are most used for sales analysis. Keep reading! What are performance indicators.

Every company has goals

as KPIs, an acronym for the term Key Performance Indicators . They are outcome measures used to assess the effectiveness of a particular action taken by a company. In practice, they serve to closely monitor a strategy Holding and Investment Offices Email List and check whether it is bringing the expected results. Based on this analysis, the manager can identify strengths and weaknesses and thus work to improve the efficiency of each action. Why are they important for sales team development? Have you ever heard the saying “If you don’t know where you’re going, you don’t get anywhere”? This saying has everything to do with performance indicators and their role in sales. Every company must have clear objectives and goals to achieve them. KPIs are the best friends of the sales team , after all, it is through them that everyone will know which strategies work and which ones still need attention.

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To put into practice inefficient techniques, which could represent a huge loss for the business. Another fact that makes performance indicators so important CZ Lists is that they are also a source of data on consumer behavior . Therefore, they are very relevant for decision-making in various sectors of the company. When a decision is made based on data, the chances of being right are greater. Management methodologies and KPIs: how do they complement each other? Management methodologies are a set of techniques that guide the manager of a project towards good administration. Nowadays, some of the most used methodologies are Scrum , PDCA and PMBOK . They guide work routines at different levels and help the team to plan, organize, direct and evaluate the adopted measures. It is in this last step that performance indicators come into play.