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People look for a car today has changed a lot. Now what we need to understand is how to act on it. I decided to write about this topic because one of the sins of dealership managers is to care more about face-to-face service and neglect the online service. This problem can be one of the causes of poor sales team performance . Therefore, adapt your business to this new context so that you are not at a disadvantage compared to competitors. If car buyers use the internet to research vehicles they want to purchase, ensure your online presence and provide them with quality information so that they feel compelled to visit your dealership. That’s why this article, to help you have precious insights, to leave your dealership with an advantage in the market.

Context of the automotive market

And dealerships One fact cannot be denied: structurally, dealerships are completely prepared to receive customers at their points of sale. I’m sure that yours, for example, includes a large, organized, comfortable space that has a team to carry out the services. But less and less Paper Products Manufacturers Email List customers are going to POS to gather information. They now use the internet as their main vehicle research source ! According to a Google survey , 95% of car buyers use the digital medium as a source of information – virtually all of them! In addition to this data, I quote here another one that is relevant: the journey of the consumer from the first search on search engines to the purchase lasts 3 months on average. And, in the meantime, they make about 900 interactions in the digital environment! video views, and clicks.

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what do customers think before buying

If buyers look for so much information before buying a car, what will they think? Choosing the best car? At this time, buyers research different vehicles and observe their characteristics. Still according to that Google search, customers CZ Lists explore various car brands. Selecting the ideal car ? Here, buyers make the connection between their needs and what the car offers to analyze which model is worth buying. They usually consider models from 6 automakers and are in doubt between 2 cars . Vehicle purchasing ability This is the time when customers look at prices and make comparisons to see what works best for their pocketbook. Where to buy? Here they go to search engines to check the location of dealerships that sell the car they want to buy.