And selling products? The main difference between selling products and services is that selling services has a more abstract and intangible character than selling products, although both have the same objective — to offer a solution to the customer’s problem. Products are created from raw materials  stored and used whenever the customer wants. Services. On the other hand. Usually have limitations related to availability and human resources. And often depend on the participation or presence of the customer to make them happen. What are the biggest challenges in selling services? Selling services poses some challenges for sales professionals and, to overcome them. The first step is to get to know them. For this reason. We have prepared below a list of the main challenges faced by the sales team of companies that offer services to their customers.

Finding the ideal customer

The ICP (Ideal Customer Profile, translated into Portuguese as Perfile Ideal do ) describes the customer profile that would most benefit from acquiring your service. By knowing the ideal customer. It is possible to work aligned Finance and Banking Email List with marketing, making the commercial team receive the best leads according to the ideal customer profile. This makes it easier to capture customers . After all, when you know who you are talking to, communication can be done much more correctly. little training As it is a more complex activity. The sale of services requires team training . This does not always happen because many managers do not consider the differences between this type of sale and that of products. Thus, they only require the team to have sales skills, and not necessarily to sell services .

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Lack of service knowledge

In addition to knowledge of specific service sales techniques. Marketers need to know a great deal about the service being offered as a solution. Only in this way will they be able to resolve all the customer’s doubts and help them to visualize all the benefits of the contract. Not knowing how to present the service. It is also important that the sales CZ Lists professional knows exactly how to present the service he is selling. To develop an effective pitch , the professional needs to have knowledge about the public and their pain points. About the product and about the main objections. Not dominating the market The sales professional who dominates the market is the one who knows his competitors. The average amount charged and the main solutions sought by the public within the sector in which he operates.

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