Disputed market, knowing how to increase the sales productivity of your team or company can seem like a very difficult task. Increasingly recurrent in business meetings, workshops and lectures , sales productivity is essential for companies to face the challenges of the current market. Check out this article for amazing tips and help improve your team’s results! What is productivity and why is it so important? Sales productivity is fundamental for the development of intelligent entrepreneurship, and is considered by specialists as one of the pillars of the companies of the future. Thus, it has become a determining factor for the success of any company or business. Despite being such a discussed and disseminated concept, many still do not understand what it means and what its impacts are within the business culture.

What is sales productivity

What are its impacts on the business environment and why is it so important for sales? It is very common to come across people who still confuse increased production with increased productivity, which despite seeming to be synonymous, have different meanings within the business world. More Stone, Clay, and Glass Manufacturers Email List production does not mean more productivity Productivity is a relationship between the quantity and quality of what is produced x resources (time, raw material, team, money, marketing, etc). Production is the quantitative result. In the sales area, for example, production deals with the number of sales made in a certain period chosen for analysis. Productivity, on the other hand, refers to the ability to produce more and more results, but optimizing processes and tools, in order to use less time and less resources, whether financial or even personnel.

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This means that by strengthening productivity

You can get better results in less time and more efficiently. productivity concept To memorize the concept of productivity and make it simpler, it is possible CZ Lists to say that productivity is to minimize the use of resources (materials, labor, machines, time). In order to reduce production costs, expand the market, allow the expansion of the client portfolio , the staff; that is, in order to improve the company’s results and its performance in the medium and long term. Increasing productivity improves results When we talk about sales productivity , it is impossible not to question its importance. After all, why is this such an important concept and one that has such an impact on the results of the sales team and the company as a whole, deserving so much prominence in articles, courses.

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