Considering all the above factors

Creating a sales campaign on commemorative days and periods, you put your brand in the minds of consumers and create a bond that is unlikely to be broken. This happens because these dates are important for people who are looking for unforgettable experiences and gifts. How would you like to see all your competitors achieving all of this, while your company is left behind due to lack of effectiveness in the strategy? Certainly just thinking about the possibility, a bad feeling has already arisen. But calm down, pay close attention to the next actions and apply them correctly in your business. actions to earn a lot on commemorative dates As mentioned before.

Email Marketing Shots

It is essential that there is a communication plan capable of attracting consumers and delighting them with the ideal vibe of the memento, be it Christmas, Easter or Mother’s Day. Providing experience to the potential Gmail Email List customer during the moment of purchase. Follow the ideas  and tell us which one you will start applying first.  A landing page is a single page that will help you capture data and contact your target audience. Such as email or phone. In exchange for this information, offer free content that relates to your product. For example, if your brand is beauty products and cosmetics. Provide information on how to use them to get good results. Along with a discount coupon or access to a pre-launch.

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Create a landing page to capture leads

Seasonal sales landing page There are those who say that e-mail marketing is already outdated. But that only happens to those who don’t think about the possibility of innovating. With this strategy, it is possible to create a CZ Lists relationship between brand and customer based on exclusive content and information offered only through this channel. Used throughout the year. This action can be even more effective if used to communicate the company’s benefits during festive seasons. Take advantage of the leads you already have, but be sure to also send them to new people who have come to your site. On a page with offers, it is possible to choose a festive design with decorations that refer to the special date and effectively get in the mood. Furthermore.