Subjective. ethereal or even a divine gift, but science proves every day that a creative state can be provoked. Repetitive actions will at most lead you to the same results. Sell ​​more! If you are really willing to achieve better results, innovate with creativity is necessary ! Everyone already knows that maxim that suggests that in times of crisis, subtract the S, create! Many of us think, “Okay, but create what? How can I use creativity to sell more? “I was never creative…”, well, science already has some tips that may be the answer you were looking for to be more creative and sell more. Let’s go to them: 4 Tips on How to Increase Creativity to Sell More .

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Players or knowing by heart all the lyrics to your favorite band’s songs doesn’t help anyone pass a public contest or reach all their goals , but it can be the beginning of the path to a good idea. Your brain sifts through data UK Mobile Number List in memory and creates associations between them. The more data, the more chances for unusual connections and creative ideas to emerge. Each new knowledge is like an extra ingredient. With more options, you can create more new recipes. Knowing everything about the product you sell and the market you operate in is fundamental, but acquiring new knowledge, reading about different subjects, watching movies you normally wouldn’t watch, helps in developing your creative capacity.

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If you want to know how to learn

About sales in a creative way, you can also see: The Best Sales Movies for you to learn and have fun Facebook’s knows this well. The monster of social networks began to be generated when its creator discovered, while CZ Lists still a student at Harvard, a primary program that connected students from the various fraternities on campus. What at first seemed like just an easy way to meet girls, turned out to be… well, you know the end of that story, right? Getting out of the way of the books and getting closer to the mundane world of fraternity parties was decisive for to come into contact with a new idea and get a vision of how to develop it into what Face is today. creativity to sell more .

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