The extraordinary development of information technologies.  that we have witnessed in recent years has completely.  transformed the way companies work. The business of companies , of any type and size, is heavily based on the technological tools.  that are used every day : without IT it is almost no longer possible to work. And what happens in case of problems with the IT infrastructure? I don’t have to tell you, you know better than me. If in the past the number and complexity of IT tools allow.  even small companies to manage IT internally or with sporadic . support from a technician, this is no longer the case.

Mergers and acquisitions: why?

In fact, there is an ongoing trend that sees more. And more smes outsourcing it functions to a specializ supplier , . Very often an msp (manag service provider) like you. Entrusting special data the keys to your it infrastructure to an expert brings numerous . Advantages to smes: monitoring and preventing problems . Greater efficiency protection against data loss greater security access.  To the latest technologies advice from a team of experts who . Know your existing infrastructure …I could go on and on, but that’s not what I want to talk about in this article. 

Extension of geographic coverage

There is, in fact, another trend that start from the Unit States and which in recent years has involv several MSPs in Europe and Italy as well: more and more Manag Service Providers are choosing to merge with each other or acquire other MSPs . Mergers and acquisitions: why? Why do MSPs choose to merge with each other or acquire other companies? This is not a spirit of solidarity between “colleagues”, but a well-consider choice capable of bringing various advantages to the MSPs and, consequently, CZ Lists to the end customer. Let’s see which ones together. Improvement of the quality of the services provid If the Italian entrepreneurial fabric is mostly made up of micro and small businesses,

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