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We acquire comes from moments that give us pleasure? In addition, research indicates that through visual communication learning is faster, as well as memorization. That is why films are such important tools for acquiring knowledge. The exciting plot of each film listed brings valuable lessons that can be applied in the field of sales . Some situations experienced by the characters manage to be transported to the reality of salespeople and leaders, who can extract simple and powerful information to improve the performance of their activities. That’s why it’s worth watching and debating with the team what can (or can’t) be applied to your sales routine . What are you waiting for to check out the list and start watching? Oh! And even if you’ve already seen one.

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To watch it again, with a more focused look at what can be applied in your company? Don’t forget to prepare the popcorn! Best Films About Sales 1. Conducting activities with ethics and zeal are essential for success, whatever the circumstances. Achieving lasting results takes effort and Shipbuilding and Boatbuilding Email List is not achieved without determination and knowledge. The film demonstrates good techniques on how to deal with customer objections and the importance of having a method that guides the seller to closing sales . Maybe you’ve already watched this movie, but did you pay attention to how the main character, played by Will Smith, uses different sales techniques to achieve his goals? During the film, several ups and downs happen and it accurately portrays the tensions and emotions in the sales area.

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Even though he is a great seller

And shows great persuasive skills , he sometimes lacks knowledge , especially about the market. At that moment we realized how important it is to acquire the skills of a salesperson . In addition, it is possible to notice 3 factors CZ Lists that were crucial to the success of the character: Establishment of goals with determined deadlines; Persistence in achieving them and Have an established sales method . best sales movies This is also a well-known movie and full of lessons for a sales team, including what not to do. Jordan, the main character, teaches various sales techniques, especially approach and how to deal with objections during the film, becoming one of the greatest US sales experts in the storyline. Among the various teachings of sales techniques , the main ones are: Have Passion for what you do! Believing and trusting the product you sell.

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