Can motivate this search, although not all cases require emergency care. In this article, I explain in which situations it is necessary to go to the nearest hospital or call an ambulance, and which can be attended to in a quick consultation. This includes the option of consultation via telemedicine , which offers quick medical care in the comfort of your home. If you’re in a hurry, get service right now at our 24-hour service! See doctor now or wait? Faced with a health problem , it’s natural to think about looking for a doctor now. After all, pain , vomiting, diarrhea and other discomforts are capable of causing great discomfort , even interfering with routine.

Who has never canceled a personal

Or work appointment because of these symptoms? Or even because of milder signs, such as chest burning or brief episodes of coughing ? Most of the time, these are not symptoms of serious illness, but should be evaluated by the doctor for treatment that promotes relief to the patient. This can be done through an online consultation , in some situations, or in person, if a physical examination is essential. There are also warning signs such as severe shortness of breath, numbness on one side of the face, fainting, seizures and disabling pain, which must be attended to in emergency services . In these critical scenarios, the victim needs immediate assistance in emergency rooms, ambulances or private institutions, as there is a threat to life and/or integrity.

The same reasoning applies to injuries

Caused by falls and trauma, which need to be examined as soon as possible. Of course, keeping preventive care up to date, leading a healthy life , reduces the chances of injuries and illnesses. A balanced diet, regular physical exercise and a good night’s sleep are indispensable in this context, along with the annual check-up and battery of tests . Need to see a doctor now? What to do? As I mentioned above, emergencies require immediate response . Run to the emergency room or call an ambulance if available, for example: heart attack and intense, with a feeling of tightness or heaviness, with or without tingling and that can radiate to the back, left arm and neck.

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