Tudo sobre o concorrente do Twitter

Meta was working on a new social network to compete with Twitter. Several names were mentioned at the time, such as Barcelona or P92 (which is its internal name), but in the end, the name chosen was Threads – a name directly inspired by the bluebird. Initially, the new app was supposed to launch worldwide, however, due to data collection issues, Europe ended up being excluded from the launch. Here’s what this new social network looks like, available on the App Store and Google Play Store in over 100 countries.
What is Threads? In concept, Meta’s new platform strongly resembles Twitter. Users will be able to post short texts of up to 500 characters to share thoughts, stories, opinions, etc. You can also embed links, photos or videos up to 5 minutes long.

Users will be able to like posts

Repost’ them (similar to retweeting on Twitter), share them with a friend or comment on them. In the feed, users will be exposed to  follow, as well as recommended content from ‘new creators they haven’t discovered yet’. Finally, Threads does not yet support ActivityPub, the open Betting Email List   standard for decentralized social networking established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), but it should soon. This will allow the application to be interoperable with other platforms that support the protocol, such as Mastodon or WordPress. A social network connected to Instagram The close relationship between Threads and Instagram is at the heart of Meta’s strategy. Early project previews shared by developer Alessandro Paluzzi specifically mentioned an ‘Instagram for your thoughts’. In fact, in the app stores, the social network is clearly called ‘Threads, an Instagram app’.

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This proximity can also be found

In the interface design, which incorporates the visual elements of the photo-sharing application, both in icons and typography. The first thread posted by the app account mentions the following: “You found us! If you use Instagram, some CZ Lists parts of this app will probably look familiar. We are here to provide a positive and creative space where you can express your ideas. This time, it’s all about the conversation.” In its operation, the application is directly linked to Instagram. Users will be able to connect from their Instagram account, keeping their username and even their contacts. Meta, which has the ambition to attract “tens of millions of users in the first months of service”, thus guarantees to have a considerable user base since the launch of the application.