Missing bas on that persona. Finally youll ask it to write some additional copy. To keep from rucing the keyphrase relevance on the current page Ill assume for now that were looking for additional copy to be add to the bottom of the page. Because of how youve prompt the AI this new copy fills two gaps It fills in the missing key information that our persona nes before they buy It fills in the missing semantically relat phrases that we discover in Step 4. Here is the prompt Usually gaps are the same. The miss information that visitors are looking for are the same as the missing phrases that Google is looking for. Whats good for search is

Whats good for

Visitors. Quality in search and quality for humans is the same right Google is trying to satisfy a human searcher after all. Of course youll ne to do careful iting on any copy business database generat by ChatGPT. Heres a checklist for adapting AI-generat content so it aligns with digital content best practices Check it for accuracy Add specific examples from your business Add supportive images Add testimonials and other social proof Add data and statistics Tune it for your brand voice Add internal links Add calls to action You can see that

From humans

 As the dimension. Youll ne to first add video_percent as a custom dimension then create a new exploration using video_title as rows and video_percent as columns For that last one youll ne to create a custom dimension and wait a while while it gathers data. Its not really a  CZ Lists custom event since the parameter is built into GA4. You can do that from the Admin > Custom Definitions section. Click Create custom dimensions and use the following settings. Imagine how useful this deeper analysis could be. Imagine all of these

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