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Defeat in battle was never a matter of bad luck or the imponderable. Victory is a prize reserved for those who know how to identify and take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Especially in times of great difficulty (CRISIS!). See in this article how to sell more and better! It is impressive how the tactics of the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu. Even 25 centuries after they were written down.  Extremely useful in times of crisis. Analyzing this classic from the corporate world. There are 6 valuable lessons to be practice to help you sell more and face this daily war called the market. 6 lessons from the ‘Art of War’ on how to sell more and better 1. Underestimating competitors or the difficulties that your market presents will not bring you closer to victory. Never minimize or overvalue a difficulty.

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The strength and energy befitting the size of the challenge. In times of difficulty in the market it is necessary at the very least to double efforts to leverage sales and reach projecte goals . 2. NEVER ALLOW THE ABSENCE OF AUTHORITY An army (and its team of sales professionals ) nees Australia Mobile Number List leadership presence . Everyone knows that what fattens the ox is the owner’s eye. So you need to be at the forefront of the decisions and actions necessary to overcome moments of difficulty. Delegating these assignments is not a viable option. Its presence to assess. Plan train. Guide the necessary actions and monitor its impact on increasing sales cannot be the task of others. It’s your responsibility! 3. NEVER STOP TRAINING In times of crisis. Contrary to what many think. It is the moment when companies and sales professionals are least dedicated to their own development and learning.

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When the result does not appear and the perspectives are not the best. Many leaders and salespeople say they don’t have time to train, qualify themselves, because they need to deliver the result! This is called corporate myopia , as it is believed that the problem will be solved by attacking the effect and not the cause. The greater your focus on self-development CZ Lists and the sales professionals on your team. Especially on crucial issues that lead you to the expecte results, the greater the chance of selling more. 4. NEVER LOSE YOUR HEAD How to sell more and better Who doesn’t get nervous. Frustrate and distresse when the result doesn’t show up? These are normal reactions, but they cannot in any way become a constant. Unjustifiable anger cannot be a possibility. Demonstrations of anger, constant outbursts, chronic bad moods will only create more obstacles to solving problems.