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Frequently description is not a ranking factor, search engines measure CTR Click Through Rate to determine performance. The more people click on your website compare to your competitors’ websites, the higher your ranking will be. What does it look like and how to add it? You can check the meta description of any web page by right-clicking and selecting Inspect Element or View Page Source. On most pages it is locate at the very top of the code and looks like this: adding meta description There are many different ways to add a meta description. Manually eiting the website code may be problematic for beginners.

What is a disadvantage of email retargeting?

Better to entrust it to your webmaster. Here are ways to add meta description: Meta description HTML: To manually add a description in the website code, you nee to connect to your FTP server and photo editor select the subpage file you want to eit . index.html for the home page. Then, in the < head> header, add the HTML tag shown in the graphic above and match the content= part. WordPress meta description: To easily eit the meta description on a WordPress website, it is worth installing an SEO plugin. Once you’ve done this, go to the Pages tab, select the subpage you want to eit and scroll down until you see the SEO settings tab.

What’s the difference between email retargeting and email marketing?

Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting on the market . How to create an effective meta description? The description meta tag is not directly relate to search engine rankings. However, it is extremely important when it comes to getting more clicks and increasing your website’s CTR. That’s why every website owner should use this description as a form of free advertising for their brand. As is usually the case with advertising, not everyone knows how to go about it. So, before you start eiting, first carefully read the CZ Lists instructions on how to write a meta description. Here’s how to create a meta description that will be effective: . Remember about the optimal length.

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