Good salespeople don’t contact a prospect

Without knowing the least bit of information about him. For the approach to be efficient and constructive, salespeople should conduct research on the customer’s field of activity and possible problems. Thus, they can already think about the possible benefits that the product or service can perform for them. Unfortunately, what we often see are salespeople prospecting without the slightest bit of research and planning. In this way, they carry out a cold and generic approach, which often makes the client lose interest in moving forward. Not to mention when sellers discover during the service that that prospect does not have the potential to be their client. Many times this situation could already have been identified in a simple internet search, so he would not have wasted time with this contact.

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To give up on the customer after 2 or 3 unsuccessful times in contacting them. If they followed a correct cadence of follow-ups, these losses would be minimized. Not to mention that they would be able to reduce the response time in the first contact with the lead. during the sale This Printing And Publishing Manufacturers Email List phase is extremely important, as it defines whether the sale will take place or not. For more complex sales, it is even more essential, since in these cases the lead’s buying journey is longer and requires more effective and continuous follow-up from salespeople. In the negotiation phase .for example. It is worth contacting the customer to find out how the commercial proposal is going. Imagine that you sent a quote for a large project and the client still hasn’t responded.

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It is worth sending an email

Or calling to remind him of the subject and give importance to the project. It doesn’t mean to be pushy or boring! You can ask, for example, if the e-mail was receive and if there is any estimated return date. Also highlighting CZ Lists that you will be available to clarify any questions. Assuming that the client has replied that the forecast for approval of the project is within 30 days. You already know that it makes no sense to get in touch with a week. You can stipulate these deadlines taking into account the average sales cycle for your product. And then, according to the specifics of each client, you can make the time to get in touch more flexible. The important thing is not to leave the customer alone in decision making. Many times he even wants to buy your product email in his inbox and ended up forgetting about you.

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