Google is the biggest browser on planet Earth

Have you ever heard the expression “Google it”? She doesn’t need much explanation, does she? Instantly, when a big question arises and you need a quick answer, “Google it” is the first alternative that pops into your mind and it’s not for less, most of the time Google really shows you the answer and it’s fine. your questions in just a few clicks. Have you ever thought that your brand and products may be being presented to billions of people on Google’s homepages, and that you could be the great answer to these people’s questions? thus generating from engagement to a final sale for your venture. Being present on the biggest platform you will obtain results that will help your company consolidate itself in the digital world, and nothing better than consolidating itself on the internet .

Understand what a search network is

When you advertise on the Search Network, your ad may appear next to search results, on other Google sites such as Google Maps, Shopping and Images, and on Google search partner sites. The search network is part of the Office 365 Email List Google Network, which is the name for all apps and webpages where ads can appear.” — Official Google ADS definition of the search network. When creating an ad for your brand or service within the search network, the advertiser chooses a specific keyword and then when anyone searches for that keyword or terms that are related to it, your ad can be displayed. Understand what a display network is “Display Network sites reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide*. With the Display Network, you can use targeting to show your ads in specific contexts.

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Advantages of advertising on Google

You already know that Google is predominant in the search engine market. And that the display network + search network will be your main tools in. Your journey to CZ Lists the top of the digital world. Now let’s stop getting into technical terms or about the billions of users. What you really want to know is what are the advantages and benefits. You will get by advertising within Google ADS. That’s why we separate 5 reasons why you should make Google your company’s best friend today. SEO is a very important technique for the growth of your business. However it takes time and the organic results can take months to be seen! Within organic search, ranking is very competitive and it will take time for it to gain authority. Once you use the Google ADS tools.