Google Trends In a simple and quick way

Google Trends is nothing more than a tool capable of showing the user all the most popular terms that were searched for in a certain period of time. The tool also allows you to search for a specific keyword, thus getting an idea of ​​how much it is searched, the regions that most search for this term and even the time when that word reaches a search peak. What is Google Trends for? Google Trends is a very powerful tool that can help and facilitate your digital marketing campaign in many different ways! What are these ways? We will answer this question in parts below. Getting ideas for content If you produce articles or content in general, it is extremely important to know what people are searching for; and, on Google Trends you will have the topics most searched for by people in the last few hours.

Thus creating more relevant content for your brand.

compare terms Are you in doubt about which word to use in your marketing strategy? Google Trends can analyze synonyms and show which of the words has a higher search rate; thus being able to analyze which term will be Hospitals Email List best for your action. peaks of interest With Google Trends you can analyze the biggest peaks of interest on a particular subject that could become a theme for your campaign. Let’s say, for example, that you want to produce an article about Father’s Day, with Trends you will know exactly which time of the year this subject has the highest search rate and thus prepare in advance for your campaign. Okay, once you’ve seen some of the features of this tool, it’s time.

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Learn how to use them, isn’t it

But rest assured, Trends is quite simple and intuitive, understand better how to use this tool from keyword research to your SEO strategies. How to use Google CZ Lists Trends At first you will need to access the site ( remembering that this tool is completely free, all features are at your disposal ). Right on the first page you will see a search box where you can enter your keyword or term of interest. How to search keywords on Google Trends? Right in the search box it says “enter a search term or subject” is the place where you can do the search for a certain keyword and then have all the details about that term. In the example, the keyword used was “Google Trends” itself and you can see that you can select the country in which you want to receive the data.

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