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Of measures to improve your team’s sales performance and still can’t achieve the expected results? Find out which are the 9 situations that prevent your company from selling more and you can’t even imagine. Selling is one of the core objectives of every company, even though other factors are involved, such as customer satisfaction and generating value in the product or service offered. But a company that doesn’t sell, doesn’t survive. You possibly know how to identify the main failures that prevent the increase in sales and possibly do your best to correct them or at least mitigate them. Your salespeople are constantly training and retraining and you managed to form a team with good market professionals. But are the results happening as expected? Maybe not, because there are common situations that happen so frequently in your group’s work routine that you don’t .

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With sales productivity and the achievement of results. What could you be doing wrong? See  situations that occur frequently in your team and you can’t imagine how much they prevent you from selling more .  situations that Chemical Manufacturers Email Lists prevent you from selling more  – Lack of qualified leads There is no way to talk about sales without talking about marketing. Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales strategies are essential to optimize sales area activities, providing more personalized services to customers. In addition, marketing tools attract and qualify leads, preparing them for the buying process. Without it, salespeople spend a lot of time on unqualified leads who, for the most part, don’t close the deal. In sales, time is money! Not to mention that they will have more costs to prospect customers and attract them.

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customer service to closing the sale. But what often happens in companies is a deviation from these functions to resolve issues that belong to other areas, such as after-sales and logistics issues. Many sellers spend about of their day on activities that are not directly related to them. In this way, they fail to serve customers, or when they do, they do not CZ Lists reach the necessary quality in the approach. In addition to having to dedicate time to external sales tasks, they are often prevented from carrying out a procedure due to external errors, such as system failure or bureaucracy in other areas, such as credit. They expend energy on many issues beyond what they know how to do. Very often a very good salesperson cannot do his best and sell more precisely because of lack of time or business structure.

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