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Inspire and motivate your sales team without incurring any financial cost? This is now possible thanks to the TED conferences available on the internet. To help you even more, we created a list of the 11 best sales TED Talks that provide valuable lessons to be applied in this area. TED talks became an internet phenomenon and went viral in sales. The themes of these lectures are diverse, but we selected those capable of adding learning and knowledge to managers and salespeople. By sharing valuable experiences, these conferences inspire, motivate and impart knowledge. What are you waiting for to start watching and further develop your team? Have an excellent learning experience! Best TED Talks on Sales best ted talks sales .

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They affect our body, affecting the levels of testosterone and cortisol in the brain. It is very important for sellers to understand the impact that their physical gestures have on their relationship with customers. Have you ever Aircraft and Engine Parts Email List been served by a salesperson who kept tapping his feet, showing impatience, while you tried the products? It’s uncomfortable isn’t it? Usually you give up buying, or buy without being sure it was what you wanted. This is just one of the examples of how much the body talks . Using it favorably is a merit of great professionals. So, adapt your posture to your desires for success! two. HOW GREAT LEADERS INSPIRE ACTION – Simon Sinek How about knowing a simple and powerful model for inspiring leadership? In this TED, Simon Sinek explains the method known as the ”golden circle” and the use of the ”Why?” questioning strategy.

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Ranging from Martin Luther King to Steve Jobs. It’s a great video for sales leaders . Brown In an engaging talk, Brown shares some of more than ten years of research into human connection and bonding. The main focus CZ Lists of the lecture is the importance of empathy to see humanity in others and in ourselves. In sales , human relationships are essential, developing good relationships is the great secret of attracting and retaining customers. 4.Tony Robbins Tony Robbins talks about the invisible forces that motivate people. According to him, they serve as emotional levers that drive the individual to act. It is a very important lecture, as motivation is one of the main elements in a sales team, it is the impulse that makes salespeople act in pursuit of their goals.