How to set up enhanced

How to set up enhanced Among the main advantages of chats, we find their ability to convert site visitors into leads, collecting their contact data in a natural way and without transporting them to a landing page . If the information to be request from the user is minimal (for example for subscribing to the newsletter), a small form that appears in the form of a pop-up may also be sufficient. Let’s say that the visitor is reading a blog article, rather than the ne to chat with a bot – which can therefore remain in a corner of the page – he may want to delve deeper into the topic of interest by downloading free, accessible content after filling out a form.

What are enhanced conversions

Why is theHowever, when the user is on the site and is looking for a specific section, the chatbot can help him, directing him wedding photo editing service and answering any questions. Even visitors returning to the site, who are looking for new information for their purchasing journey, can find valid support in the chats which, however, must be structur bas on the sales processes and, at the same time, qualify the leads, to provide a complete package of data to the salespeople who will contact them later. In fact, especially for the bottom of the funnel phase, in which the forms require numerous fields to fill in, to give access to demos or free consultations, chats can be more effective because.

How do enhanced conversions work in Google

The user communicates their data while having a conversation and the experience is more pleasant, compar to filling out a long form.chatbot for the funnel. To accompany prospects towards the conclusion of the purchasing journey, however, it is necessary to know their nes and continue to arouse their curiosity, perhaps through an automatic but extremely personaliz lead nurturing campaign . Filling out the form to CZ Lists download content, as well as the responses given to the chatbot.Are excellent starting points for identifying the contact’s interests and activating in-depth communications.

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