If you are in doubt whether to

Hire a business consultancy or a sales consultancy , this post is for you. And for those who thought they were the same thing, this article will help you not to make the wrong investment. Unfortunately, many companies hire a business consultancy, when in fact they should hire a sales consultancy , or specialized consultancy in certain areas: human resources, legal, tax, among many others. As a result, they cannot achieve the expected results and think that the investment was not worth it. We decided to explain the difference between the two . This will make it easier to decide which will be more efficient for the pains and needs of your company. First of all, let’s understand the role of a consultancy, be it business or sales .

What does a Consultancy do

A consultancy is a service performed by professionals – with competence in the area in question – to help the company identify its needs and ways to solve them. In organizations, consultants play an impartial role and are usually hired for four reasons: The company does not know Machinery and Computer Equipment Manufacturers Email List how to identify its problem ; Knows how to identify the problem, but does not know how to solve it ; There is no way to move someone from the company itself to solve it; Needs to take unpopular measures , but lacks the political muscle or needs an outside vision to implement them Obviously, these four reasons are subdivided into a series of other issues, but basically, they are the ones that guide the decision-making process when hiring a consultancy.

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Many times the company cannot

Even identify its problem, it only knows that it is not able to sell, for example. Other times, she knows the problem (or thinks she does!) and doesn’t know how to fix it. There are cases where all this is known, but to resolve the demand. It would be necessary to move someone full time to the operation. However, in many highly complex situations. Managers CZ Lists and coordinators do not have the ability and autonomy to resolve issues, requiring the action of high-ranking members of the companies. Which often makes it unfeasible to carry out consulting projects done “at home”. After all, directors. CEOs and presidents have many demands and cannot dedicate themselves only to side projects. . In this way. It would be better to hire a consultancy. Which focuse on that project. With a much smaller investment.

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