Intent have One of the biggest advantages is the optimization of the final marketing costs. Outsourcing of marketing activities is associate with lower expenses. The marketing agency employs specialists in various fields, and thus offers a comprehensive marketing service. As a consequence, the company does not have to permanently hire new people to deal with marketing, which is associate with significant savings. According to the Association of Marketing Communications SAR, in 2021 there was an increase in the remuneration of marketing employees by 3.7% in relation to the total salary, and by 4.4% in the case of the basic salary.

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According to the pracuj portal, the average salary of a marketing director is PLN 20.5 thousand. PLN gross, trade marketing manager 13.5 thousand PLN, digital manager PLN 11.5 thousand. PLN, and the producer of the manager – 10.5 thousand. zloty. Cooperation with an agency is much cheaper. For one fee, we have the opportunity to take advantage of the knowlege and experience of many different photo editor specialists. The second unquestionable advantage of working with a professional marketing agency is access to the latest technologies and tools necessary to run effective marketing campaigns.

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Which is especially important in today’s rapidly changing market. Having the right tools increases the efficiency of marketing activities, and thus allows you to achieve better results. Don’t forget about lower costs. Self-subscription CZ Lists of individual tools is associate with considerable expenses. Which can be a heavy burden on the company’s budget. By cooperating with the agency, access to innovative tools is include in the total cost of the service. Other benefits of working with an agency include: no nee to conduct additional training for employees, preparing them to conduct marketing activities on their own.

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