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This post, so that you can review the main contents of and plan your company’s 2018 with even more chances of boosting sales. So, let’s see which articles were successful in the past year? 1. The best films about Sales This post was a great success, especially because it shows that learning can happen in a light and relaxed way. We’ve compiled a list of the 9 best sales movies (the third is a must-see), so that all sales professionals can increase their knowledge and learn new techniques from the comfort of their own homes. After all, for a busy life full of ups and downs, it’s always good to find ways to learn and have fun at the same time. Be sure to check out: The 9 Best Selling Movies .

What they are and how to develop them

This article was a success for one simple reason: through it we show that ”selling” is not just a gift, anyone can develop skills to become a successful salesperson. That’s what you read! Sales is a science, that’s what we believe. And like all science, its skills can be developed and Fabricated Metal Manufacturers Email List improved. These skills are sets of knowledge, skills and attitudes that the professional learns to develop their functions. So, if you haven’t seen the article yet, don’t miss the opportunity to find out what all the skills needed in sales are and how you can become an exceptional salesperson. The 4 pillars to increase your company’s Sales Productivity Believe it or not, this article contains the Sales DNA pot of gold.

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We make our recipe for success

Available so that your company also understands the methodology behind every sales excellence program. Think with me, have you ever thought about what you could do to sell twice as much as you currently sell? Most companies usually lose the same volume of sales as they earn. Don’t believe it? So try to answer: what is the sales volume of your best CZ Lists seller and what is the average of the rest? Is the distortion too big? This happens due to your team’s sales productivity . And to adjust it, you need to know and understand how to align its four pillars in your company. Check it out right now: The 4 pillars to improve your company’s sales productivity 4. Sales Glossary With so much new stuff happening in the market, the terms are updated frequently and many others appear.