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Make sure to check Head of Marketing Chief of Sales Chief of Marketing and more… linkin sales navigator boolean search This template is super convenient to stay organiz as your boolean query get bigger and bigger. . Create lead lists Once your search results are ready, you might want to handpick some leads to save them into a list. Here is a how to create a lead list on sales navigator: Select leads with checkboxes Click on “Save o List” Click “+” Give a name to your list how to save lead in a list on linkin sales navigator.

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Will be able to acces them through the “Lead List” tab how to open a lead list on sales navigator . Connect and send Inmails Once your leads are add in a list, you ca seo expate bd send connection requests and Inmails directly from the interface. send inmails and connection request from sales navigator Inmails are premium linkin messages that allow you to skip the connection request. That way you your messages can land on the inbox even if you are not part of their linkin connection yet. With Sales Navigator, you get inmails crits per month, so you use them carefully.

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Send a connection first and use Inmail CZ Lists messages as a last resort if your connection request is not accept. How to Use Linkin Inmail? Linkin Inmail Tutorial – Inmail Campaigns that Get Replies The lead list feature allows you to take notes and your leads and keep track of the inmails sent to them. add notes to leads on linkin sales navigator If the vast majority of your leads are on linkin, your sales team can use this interface as your outreach CRM. To get the most out of inmails, 

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