Many of them are based Yamini Ranjan CEO of HubSpot , and Dharmesh. Shah, co founder and CTO welcome us to the event discussing. The challenges of connecting with customers, new features in the various Hubs, and how creating community is one of the challenges of today’s society. Steph Cuthbertson, HubSpot’s Chief Product Officer introduce us to HubSpot’s new features that help us offer a more flexible customer experience by connecting information, pipelines, and above all, customers and people. Watch the video below. To learn all the little details Stephanie Cuthbertson Spotlight Source HubSpot.

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The power of creativity in B B marketing In this session from Tsar Barik, Marketing Director at LinkedIn. We discovered how photo editing servies creativity is an essential aspect. In B B marketing and how companies like HubSpot exploit creativity to sell very specific products and services. Despite what many people think, B Many of them are based B marketing can generate emotional. Connections with the public, just like B C. Key insights were Bet big on your marketing campaigns. Decision makers in B B purchasing processes are also human. Establish an emotional connection with your audience.

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Exploit creativity and make your brand shine in B  Brilliant. How to CZ Lists use video marketing throughout the Customer Journey In this workshop. Taylor Corrido and Chris Lavigne from the Wister team. Show how video marketing can help us throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Explaining which types of videos we can use depending on the phase the user is in. This helps to differentiate us from other companies. Connect with the audience, and make the brand much more human. During the session, we put our skills to the test and got to carry out.

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