There are two paths that companies usually follow. When they decide to communicate digitally with users who speak different languages. The languages in which the website will be available. Are defined before the creation and construction of the brand. A digital strategy for another language begins to. Be designed after the brand has established itself in one language or more. URLs are a very important factor in SEO. As they allow the search algorithm to interpret. The correlations between the pages of a domain and what content they have.

Definition of the URL structure

None of the above options is inconvenient in Email Contact List all situations, all 3 are perfectly feasible. What there are are differences, pros and cons of each choice. So let’s break down the scenario. The division by subdomains is recommended by many SEO. Specialists and even Google itself warns that its use does not cause any problems when crawling and indexing pages in multiple languages. Something that counts positively for this structure is its ease of configuration. In addition to allowing geolocation through Google Search Console.

Use of hreflang tags

“hreflang” tags are metadata attributes CZ Lists that we can incorporate into the code of web pages to explain to Google which users we want to see them, according to their geographical location. This practice is very necessary when you have similar versions of a page but you want to show them to users from different countries , even if they speak the same language as the original page. For example, if your company is from Peru and you want users from Spain to find your pages on Google, including the hreflang attribute could help the search engine index them in its database in that country.

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