What other tools would you recommend for online courses?

There is no precise information about the price of other plans. As well as information about what each of the plans offers. So you must contact the customer service team. ISpring: the most recent of the platforms similar to Udemy ISpring is one of the most recent platforms on the market. And that is why I want to place it on this list since it looks very good and will not be on other lists of this type. According to ISpring, you can sell your courses quickly, plus creating them is very simple. ISpring Udemy similar platforms The control panel and interface are very easy to use so if you have little time to create content, ISpring is for you.

The platform allows you to create courses

And content in different formats, and you can also use it internally to offer training. Pros and cons Pros It allows access to low-cost certifications from iSpring Market. It supports different content formats such as MP4, JPEG, as well as adding PDF files and more. You can also add discount company data coupons and promotions. It has a very complete data platform, which allows an in-depth analysis of the statistics of your courses. Finally, it has different forms of support and help sections. Cons Being a new platform, ISpring has few users and is little known. So it does not yet have the prestige of Udemy.


Plans Totally free version

Teachery: a very creative-looking alternative to Udemy Similar to Udemy in terms of how easy. It is to use this platform. Teachery has a very simple and friendly platform. Its platform allows you to create high-quality courses without so many complications. In addition to having tools that help you CZ Lists create courses and pages from scratch. Teachery to create online courses Teachery templates make it very easy to create your courses, as you have two main types of templates. If you’re tired of boring, corporate-looking platforms, Teachery is for you. Its design turns out to be very ingenious and creative, which makes learning much easier. 

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