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Another of the good Udemy-type platforms is a course builder used by over 40,000 course creators in 164 countries. It is a platform with very good options to scale your eLearning business. platforms like Udemy It offers everything you need to create a course, such as easily uploading videos, setting up quizzes, and organizing your materials. Then, it helps you design your course site, market and sell its content, and provide that all-important student support. Pros and cons Pros It also offers a free plan. Is an all-in-one platform to create courses and market them successfully. It is easy to use and customize.

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Dollars per month charged annually. Pro: $79 dollars executive data per month billed annually. Premier: $399 dollars per month billed annually. 3- WizIQ: one of the most attractive pages similar to Udemy Based on the cloud. Is considered one of the largest platforms in terms of cloud education.

It has 400 thousand active users. Making it one of the most attractive platforms. Since it brings together nearly 4 million courses from 200 countries and that makes. This is because we work here through Moodle platforms and web-based API.

Free plan Basic:

A shared content library which helps improve course entry and user experience. Pros and cons Pros This course tool is mainly based on data, being one of the ones that best CZ Lists takes advantage of the use of data thanks to its link with the cloud and multiple platforms. It has integrations with both Moodle and WordPress . It has a more corporate focus, which allows creating professional courses for organizations. Its main focus is for universities and colleges through internal teaching. Cons To obtain an accurate quote you must contact WizIQ. The customization options are much more limited than on other platforms like Udemy. 


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