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Although never completely stripp of the attire of hope, he continues his course walking through life with his gaze turn towards the rubble left by the failure of our civilization: he is always warn that the human project does not have a good face. He goes through the world without losing sight of all that brutal information, feeling it close, carrying it on his back. Thus, “a pessimist / is only a well-inform optimist.” of course: these verses are not an absolute truth (does it ne to be said?), but a point of view, and, as such, partial, particular, subjective and debatable, but, to the same extent, sharp and inciting, so lucid how lacerating,

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All the more powerful the more sterile the attempt to say something essential and valid for everyone. And only because of these attributes – no one takes this idea away from me – it is already part of that deposit of paradoxical b2b email list partial, particular, subjective and debatable truths (it is worth reiterating) that once embrac as our own, and transform into the flesh of our flesh, in a contradictory turn (and for that very reason deeply human) become total, universal, objective and unquestionable in the private but unrepeatable and unique world of those who passionately assume them.

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Like me, for example. Are you happy? This is a question that not many of us face with particular optimism. In fact, in the latest happiness ranking report, peru is in 65th place out of 155 countries in the world and, at the latin american level, it is locat below chile, brazil, argentina, bolivia, paraguay, having fallen two positions compar to 2017. (helliwell, 2018) there CZ Lists are multiple hypotheses that can explain the reason why peruvians do not feel so happy. One of them is the social context in which we live (helliwell, jf, & putnam, rd, 2004). Thus, a social context perceiv as unfavorable dangerous, stressful or limit) has a detracting effect on the well-being of the population .

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