Sales management consists of a set

Of actions that must be designed and implemented in a company, with the aim of achieving greater efficiency in conducting the sales force, optimizing time and resources, in order to guarantee the success of the commercial operation and hitting targets. The best way to achieve these results consistently, continuously and sustainably is through good sales management. For this, you must have adequate business planning and well-established short, medium and long-term goals. In this article, I have separated on how to manage sales effectively and focused on results. Tip #1: Structure internal processes In the consultations I carried out through DNA de , the first step is always to carry out a diagnosis of the entire operation before starting the orientation project.

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It is common to identify several gaps in the sales team that are directly influencing the negative results. Some examples are: a stressed team due to the extremely high demand for activities, poor quality or misused tools and charges that are not consistent with the operation. This Medical Surgical and Dental Equipments Email List happens because, on most of these occasions, managers believe that the lack of results is due to the incompetence of the sales team, when, in fact, the reason is errors in the execution of strategies or even in the processes. A very common example is forcing the team to use a tool in which the pipeline steps are not aligned with the consumer’s purchase journey . In this case, it is very common for the company to have acquired the tool even before building its process, causing disharmony between both.

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When thinking about effective sales management

It is necessary, first of all, to have a well-defined sales process , which includes the deployment of the commercial strategy into operational sales actions, with the definition of the Ideal Customer Profile and a pipeline with passing steps and triggers that reflect consumer behavior. Another CZ Lists point worth mentioning is that, according to each business model. The structuring of sales processes must include the segmentation of the commercial team’s activities into hunters closers and farmers . In addition establishing the specific job description for each function avoids confusion between the activities carrie out in each position. Tip  Define metrics and indicators When you get in your car. Sit in the seat and turn the key in the ignition, what’s the first thing you notice before driving off. I don’t know about you.

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