Sales pitch is a speech that brings

Together the best features of a product in an objective and short way, making the sale assertively and quickly! This term began to be used by individuals from Silicon Valley startups to gain the attention of potential investors by super-fast presentation of their ideas. And this literally happened between one floor and another of the elevator, hence the name, which comes from “ elevator pitch ”. Today, the sales pitch is used not only in quick conversations, but even in negotiations! The concept remains the same: the pitch must be quick, short, interesting, engaging and compelling to capture the lead ‘s attention . How important is a good sales pitch ? This answer is easy: a highly effective sales pitch has the power to define the next steps for the lead within the Sales Funnel and guarantee sales at the end of the month.

This happens for two reasons

First, because a well-constructed sales pitch has the power to build rapport and create a connection with the lead in order to take them to the next step, and second, because a pitch aligned with business principles and used by all sales professionals ensures a team with similar standards and high Food and Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List performance . To better understand what I’m talking about, imagine the following situation: a real estate management software company hires an SDR (pre-sales) and a sales professional to sell without any training, just relying on their past experiences. In practice, these professionals are representing the company in each of the interactions they have with leads every day, right? But without training, the SDR says what he understands about the product and, at the time of the negotiation meeting , the sales professional talks about other features and conditions that were not mentioned before.

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Pitch can be the reason for your low conversion rate between the stages of the Funnel and this is a direct consequence of an ineffective onboarding . And since I touched on this subject. When there is no effective CZ Lists onboarding for these new hires focused. On methodologies techniques  product knowledge and preparation of sales pitches. They will probably communicate with their leads the way they did in other companies. Running the risk of replicating mistakes or speech styles that don’t align with your market. By making a good sales pitch. The company guarantees a uniform sales pitch by the field and inside sales teams . What you need to know before starting to build. Your sales pitch The first step to start thinking about your pitch is to. Know the company’s ideal customer profile very well .