Therefore, it is important to remember that there are several types of benchmarking and that not all of them involve competition. Sometimes the focus is on finding partners willing to collaborate ! Tip: market research: tips for your marketing team types of benchmarking understand the different types of benchmarking before choosing the one best suit to your company’s nes : internal benchmarking : the company compares different departments Sector as you or units within the organization itself, promoting collaboration between areas; competitive benchmarking : involves, as the name suggests, the direct analysis of the competition.

Specific area; generic benchmarking

It is worth comparing products, services, campaigns, sales, organizational structure, among other issues; functional benchmarking : here, the new database comparison is made with organizations or sectors that perform similar functions, allowing a broad view of best Sector as you  practices in a specific area; generic benchmarking : involves comparison with companies consider the best in general aspects, regardless of the sector; process benchmarking : focuses on evaluating opportunities to optimize specific processes, aiming for efficiency and cost ruction ; performance benchmarking.

Marketing plan for your company how

new database

Choose the top market leaders to analyze the ideal is to choose up to three companies to monitor. Always try to opt for those that are market leaders and certainly have successful actions in their history! 2. Establish analysis indicators a CZ Lists good tip is to create a spreadsheet to fill out and compare specific aspects of each company. Select only the characteristics and metrics that you consider most important to be includ in it. This way, you will have an overview and organiz view of what each company has done, making interpretation and evaluation easier! Tip.

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