Social networks are part of the routine of many

Brazilians. More than million people are connected to at least one of them, and the average time of use per day is more than 3 hours, according to The Global State of Digital report. People use networks to have fun, interact with friends, share events and knowledge and – why not? – to buy. So if you still don’t use these tools to increase your business sales, it’s time to start. In this article, you will learn how to sell on social networks , regardless of your type of business. You will see tips for attracting and dealing with customers, as well as understanding how to develop a sales-focused content strategy. Is it really possible to convert followers into customers? Yes, it is possible to convert followers into customers.

Buying through social networks

Is already a reality for many users. In , sales on social networks accounted for 21% of transactions carried out in that year. The number, which was already representative, grew in 2020. In the last year, 34% of transactions were carried out through social networks. The data is from , an e-commerce Depository Institutions Email List platform with more than virtual stores in Latin America. Social networks, in addition to intermediating this large volume of purchases, have great power to influence buyers. Many people who did not make transactions there arrived at the brands’ websites or even physical stores after interacting with them on the networks or seeing other people using the products. Selling on social media was the alternative used by many companies during the pandemic.

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Of the coronavirus pandemic, prepared by together with the Vargas Foundation (FGV),  of companies resorted to social networks during the crisis caused by the new coronavirus . If your brand is not yet part of that statistic, continue reading this article to find out how to use all that potential to CZ Lists your advantage. Simple sales: how to sell on social media Those who work in retail or even provide simple services to the final consumer can sell directly on social networks . See below for some actions that can help. Know your audience To sell on social media , you need to have an audience. And to attract these people you need to create content that is of interest to them. After all, without it, it is very unlikely that people will start following your profiles on social networks. To produce relevant content for your business audience.