Hand in hand. This is because online medical care complements face-to-face care , offering advantages by unburdening public and private services. In addition to breaking the geographic barrier , connecting patients, doctors and other professionals in an agile and safe way. In this article, I comment on the relationship between telemedicine and health, achievements of recent decades and how to take advantage of online medicine resources in your clinic or hospital. Read until the end and stay well informed. What is the relationship between telemedicine and health. The relationship between these two segments is notorious, as telemedicine is an arm of telehealth .

That is it is part of the provision of health

Services at a distance , with the support of information and communication technologies (ICT). To explain it better, let’s go back a step and talk about telehealth – a comprehensive area that allows the reorganization of health processes from breaking the barrier of physical distance. Using telephone, internet and other ICTs, it is possible to democratize the offer of health services , reaching even remote locations. In addition to telemedicine , which is more focused on care services, telehealth as a whole comprises activities of: Health tele-education Research networks and tele-epidemiology Administration networks management. Next, let’s understand what telemedicine is and how it works.

Is the arm of telehealth dedicated

Offering medical services remotely . According to Resolution CFM 2.314/2022 , the main legislation that regulates telemedicine in Brazil, it is about: “The practice of medicine mediated by Digital, Information and Communication Technologies (TDICs), for the purposes of assistance, education, research, disease and injury prevention , management and health promotion”. How does telemedicine work? Telemedicine works through a health record system (SRES), which can be hosted in the cloud or on a server (local computer). Known as a telemedicine platform , this software has the most modern versions available in the cloud, an internet storage space. To access the system, the user needs to enter his login and password.

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