A leisure and information search tool, has become a business environment and a fundamental channel for buying and selling products and services. Today, those who do not have a solid presence on the internet are missing out on great sales opportunities . However, to achieve these results over the internet, it is not enough to just create a website, e-commerce or social network profile . Behind the great businesses that exhibit admirable results, there is a lot of strategy, planning and understanding of the digital world. Understanding exactly how to sell online and how to reach your audience will make a total difference in the final result. In this article, we explain the differences between physical and digital sales , concepts of different types of digital sales businesses and the first steps for those who want to start in the online world.

To start a digital business

For those who want to sell online , follow the first steps of this journey into the digital world, whether as an e-commerce or store. business planning Planning is the essential step in any business, and why would it be any different in the digital world? Before having a domain, it is important Special Trade Contractors Email List to define the product, marketing strategies, sales processes , return policies (if it is a B2B business), competitor analysis, areas of activity (although online, it is possible to focus on cities and specific states), market study, long-medium and long-term objectives, etc. Specialized online sales team In digital sales, the purchasing process and cycle are different, so if your business has a commercial team, it is important that these people are aligned with online sales.

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If your business is an e-commerce

This point is even more important! Marketing and the sales process are different, so find the most qualified team for this or promote sales training for your employees. Definition of target audience Defining the target audience of your business is very important. As it is a digital environment, many CZ Lists managers and entrepreneurs are tempted to sell indiscriminately, however, it is important to define a persona from the micro to the macro. First, conquer a close audience, then think about other states, ages, genders, etc. sales platform This point is extremely important. Depending on the type of digital business and the size of the company, it will be necessary to adapt the platform to the number of accesses. Here, it is important to have an IT team capable of dealing with online and commemorative times. Such as Black Friday or promotions.

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