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To its motivation and at times like the one we are experiencing, it becomes even more difficult to maintain motivation and enthusiasm. Considering that external factors do not contribute, it is up to sales managers to turn this scenario around and ensure that their team is willing to achieve the necessary result. Therefore, learn how to motivate sellers by understanding the importance of morning sales . In this video, and , partners at DNA de , discuss a very important tool to ensure the team’s enthusiasm: the sales morning ! Watch the video and check out these tips to boost the motivation of salespeople on your team! HOW TO MOTIVATE SELLERS? Alisson . Good , I hear you talking about the importance of being motivated in difficult times, because this is a critical situation, if you lose motivation your team notices and consequently transmits this to the client.

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Of mornings first thing in the morning, to have a guarantee that your team will be fine and consequently transmit that enthusiasm and energy to your customers, how do you see this? Lucia : I have two phrases that summarize Retail Email List this and we use them with the teams that we train, working together to increase productivity. The first is from Henry Ford: “If you think you can or you can’t, in both cases you’ll be right” . A sales team that goes out in the morning, sits at the desk in the office to make calls, is prospecting on the street, or selling at retail, who believe at the beginning of the day that they will hit their goal, convert every customer that comes in or calls , they will indeed convert. On the other hand, those who are in doubt, think that it is.

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What you believe, move, not by thinking or anything esoteric but simply by changing your attitude and that will influence your result. The second phrase is from Shakespeare, who says: “You are made of the same matter as your dreams” . Shakespeare wasn’t being metaphorical when CZ Lists he said that, your thinking has the ability to change your body’s physiology. Positive thoughts produce neurotransmitters that increase the circulation of oxygen in your blood, this oxygen circulating at speed increases cellular production, energy, leaving you willing and willing to do things. At the same time that negative thoughts, of crisis or defeatism produce other neurotransmitters that make you feel unwell as a natural defense of your body and make you sleepy, wanting to sleep and rest and this changes your willingness to work and to sell and in sales , enthusiasm and .