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simply to improve the relevance. Dont worry about plural forms and similar grammatical forms. DO add new relevant sections and paragraphs that improve the quality of the page. Build up the structure of the page turning short paragraphs into new sections complete with bullet lists and subheads. adding formats as you write Beyond adding detail and keyword relevance look for ways to improve the experience of your reader.

Make the page

More visual and scannable. Add support for the claims in the copy. Here is a list of elements you can add to improve the quality of the page Formatting (subheads bullets) Contributor quotes Research data and stats Images (especially charts and diagrams) Examples Embd video  business email list Internal links If you hope to rank on page one of Google your goal is to literally make one of the 10 best pages on the internet for the topic. Dont just add keywords. Add value. This is really all about the reader and making it a better page in any way you can.

Examples of content

Without formatting and with formatting. Semantic SEO with a tool There are several good SEO tools that help identify the semantically relat phrases and coach you through the writing. Each of these is a paid tool so youll ne a subscription or a free trial. But they use competitive analysis to  CZ Lists quickly uncover new ideas for improving your article. SEMrush On Page SEO Checker (semantic ideas report) SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant (writing tips as you write) Frase Surfer MarketMuse Optimize Lets take a closer look at that last