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Instagram is an essential tool for marketing and, therefore, it is essential to use it in the sales strategies of a business. However, to achieve expressive results, it is not enough to just create an account and publish photos, it is necessary to understand how to sell strategically through Instagram . With that in mind, we have listed interesting ideas and tools for sales professionals who want to use this medium to achieve more results! Why has Instagram become an important tool for sales professionals? Building a lasting relationship with the consumer, from capture to after-sales loyalty, is the pursuit of many companies to ensure success in an extremely competitive market. Instagram, being an intuitive social network with great popular appeal, promotes the possibility of absorbing consumer needs and expectations so that the company can use them and create strategies to stand out and sell.

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It allows you to interact with younger consumers and other businesses. It allows a direct relationship with the public that consumes products through the network itself, so much so that the platform itself invested in a shopping button to facilitate sales through Instagram. In that sense, it’s important to think that your client is right there! So why not try this medium? How to sell on Instagram: what you need to know to get started To understand how to sell on Instagram and get results, you need to know which tools this network makes available to business profiles and how to best use them to achieve your goal. Check below how these resources work and practical examples of how to use them. Have a business profile To start using Instagram for sales, you need to create a business profile or enable it.

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Account in the app’s settings and integrate the profile into a Facebook (automatically created, if one doesn’t already exist). As it is a business profile, it is important to have a clear bio and also link to the sales page or a landing page for the e-commerce , marketplace , website or WhatsApp. The more strategic the choices are, the more customers may be interested in the brand. The Instagram business account offers the possibility to create ads, but in addition, it allows data analysis features, metrics, boosts and links. These tools are essential to achieve a digital marketing strategy and know the audience. how to sell on Understand who and where your audience is In the Public tab, in the Instagram Information tab, it is possible to access the followers’ metrics. Data on gender, age, location, and followers reached by time are provided.