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When we see the economy in recession and the doors of large companies closing. It seems that there is no way out and the only alternative is to try to survive. Really? Could it be that the crisis is an immutable circumstance in which we have no responsibility? Believe! No! That’s what the CEO of DNA de , : Today we are going to talk to , founding partner of DNA de , specializing in increasing productivity in sales and serving large companies in the country such as: Porto Seguro , General Motors, , among others. Let’s talk about this moment in which the market is, which is not very buying. Many companies have complained that they are not able to reach sales targets , what recommendation would you give them? Lucia : The natural tendency when the market is retracting but this is a paradigm.

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retraction companies that are better structured and qualified end up gaining market share from competitors . We have customers who, despite all this moment that the market is going through, not only in Brazil but also abroad, have Apparel and Accessory Stores Email List had expressive growth because they are improving themselves, understanding that the market is not buying, they are starting to improve sales processes and gain markets that before they didn’t have it and were in the hands of competitors. Increased Sales productivity to get out of the Crisis Gabriel : And does this relate to what DNA preaches very strongly, which is the issue of Productivity in sales ? Lucia : Totally! When the market is buying, everyone grows without much effort, as the market stabilizes or retracts, this market will grow, maximum productivity and this in sales is key.

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How to increase sales productivity

What about tools, in a practical way, how can you increase productivity in sales? Lucia : Sales productivity is based on 4 fundamental factors in any market segment you look at. When talking specifically about sales, you should look at People, Processes , Management Models and Technology. Click here to Increasing productivity through CZ Lists people requires training, development , assertive hiring, motivational techniques because moments like this in the market shake people’s motivational part , so the company has to know how to work with this, leadership has to be prepared to work with this your sales teams . When we talk about processes , they are well-defined, detailed, clear, objective processes that facilitate the day-to-day of salespeople. Speaking of management , they are management techniques, visualization of indicators, routines, that make people work more effectively, less rework on a day-to-day basis, producing more and more.