Of the customer success area for business. This is often because they see it as customer support rather than a strategic function. However, this thought makes no sense if we think that customer retention and loyalty are often better for the company’s health than attracting new leads . In addition, this area has a highly strategic role in the business, since its professionals have greater contact with the customer and are able to extract very important information to improve the product or even to create new ones. In this article, I’m going to explain why you should invest in a strategic and proactive customer success area right now . How did the customer follow-up happen before the customer success area ? Although the customer success area has gained prominence in recent years, this sector already existed in companies, but under other nomenclatures.

In technology companies for example

it was understood as customer support, while in other segments it was common to have after-sales . However, unlike what happens today, these sectors were very focused on solving problems, such as difficulty in using the product/service, cancellations, returns, etc. So basically it was a support. We cannot say that it was technical assistance, because, despite Building Construction and General Contractors Email Lists meeting this demand, this was not done by a technical team, but by people who answered consumers’ questions about the product. Therefore, this post-sales part was extremely reactive. The customer had to be dissatisfied for someone from the company to help, but by then the damage had been done. What has changed since then? Well, a lot! Today, CS areas have transformed companies. They stopped having that passive posture and adopted a more active methodology.

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That CS must have with customers, making them have a positive and remarkable experience. To do this optimally, you nee to include both enterprise touchpoints and customer usability tools. For example. If we are CZ Lists talking about a technology company that sells SaaS. It is possible to know what is being use or not by the client and act on it. Often, the person who purchases the product does not even know that their package has that tool and buys a complementary one. Or does not understand how to use it in the best way in the business. If all these points are worke on in the best way. If the CS gives the best assistance to the customer. He will certainly be loyal to the company. Both for new purchases, increasing the plan or buying others. As well as for referrals.

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