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In addition to aesthetics, there are two functions behind it: to facilitate and bring solutions to people’s needs. And now I ask you, what is the goal of every company? Exactly the same as design: solving and solving your customers’ pains through your products or services. So, nothing is more interesting than knowing how to apply design thinking to increase your customers’ satisfaction and increase your sales. WHAT IS DESIGN THINKING? Design thinking is a collaborative technique for generating innovative ideas from solving a problem. Seeks to solve complex situations in a creative way, adding value to the user of the service or product. How to do this? Through empathy .

Through empathy there is an attempt

To understand the problem that the other suffers and seek to solve it in the best possible way. For this, people become the center of the question. In the case of companies, customers are placed at the center of the methodology Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists and it is to them that efforts are directed. The premise of design thinking in sales is to create solutions through the methods and processes that designers use. In this way, companies would be able to improve their relationship with their public and increase their levels of innovation. It is important to clarify that innovation is not just the creation of something that does not yet exist – it can also occur in the incremental model , where there is continuous improvement in the process or product, but the application of this in the social environment. That is, users need to see the functionality of it.

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Innovation is when the idea

In addition to serving the market, is also useful and economically viable. It’s important to build on the customer’s perspective. That is, being empathetic to the CZ Lists demands of consumers, building a value relationship with them, improving their lives through innovative services and products. Let’s see how it works in practice? THE 4 PHASES OF DESIGN THINKING Design thinking is usually structured into four phases: immersion, analysis, ideation, and prototyping.  IMMERSION This initial phase is the time to be empathetic to the customer. How is your universe? What does he need to facilitate his daily activities? How can your product help you? This is the time to develop empathy, putting yourself in your consumer’s shoes and living in their universe.