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We use Facebook Ads The Russian Facebook audience of about million people is relatively small, but compare to other networks, Facebook users are distinguishe by high solvency. Basically, these are residents of large cities from to years old with a higher eucation, an active lifestyle, interests in business, politics and IT, and they are set up for business contacts. It is most convenient to work through Facebook Ads – through it you can set up ads on both Facebook and Instagram. MyTarget MyTarget is an app from the Mail group. Through it, it is convenient to place ads in Odnoklassniki, My World and VKontakte.

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Most often accesse from mobile devices, these are people age – and older, with average and lower incomes, whose interests are neelework, work, home, family, handmade, summer cottage. The VK photo editor audience is more diverse: – years old, with high and middle income levels, versatile hobbies. Vkontakte advertising If your target audience is concentrate in VKontakte VK, and Odnoklassniki is not of interest, you can use the possibilities of your personal VK account. The spee of work in it is higher than through MyTarget, advertising is set up quite simply, if desire, campaigns can be groupe.

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Return of potential customers The essence of retargeting is to remind people about. The products they were once intereste in. Therefore, it takes pride of place in the advertising channels of sites. Your target audience is already warm, they neee this product. Perhaps it was not the right time, or he wante to gather more information, or there was a technical glitch. Retargeting Yandex Direct Yandex. Direct retargeting allows you.  To set up various scenarios: for an abandone CZ Lists cart, sale of relate products or consumables.  Database revitalization, or a user returning after viewing a landing page. Google Ads Remarketing Google Ads remarketing offers to advertise your site, a specific product.