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Aging society If there are more Who can and more people in post-working age in a given country and fewer in pre-working age, this has a negative impact on the level of goods and services produc; The political system and incorrect decisions made by those in power may slow down GDP growth; Environmental pollution – nowadays, as a society, we are oblig to take care of our natural environment. Increasing production always involves the exploitation of natural resources, which should be limit. In turn, this may lead to a decreasing trend in growth. We should also mention non-renewable resources oil, natural gas, precious metals, etc. , which have significant economic importance.

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There are fewer and fewer of them, this threatens the dynamics of economic growth. Unequal incomes of residents – usually better earnings do not apply to the general population, only to a select part of it. The unequal distribution of income may eventually begin to reflect in philippines photo editor declining consumption and, paradoxically, sometimes in the deterioration of people’s financial situation. Economic miracle – what is it? Very rapid and rapid economic growth is sometimes informally call an economic miracle . It happens quite quickly and unexpectly.

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Examples of countries that have experienc this phenomenon in their history. Examples of economic miracles Japan After World War II, Japan achiev economic growth of almost %, which was call an economic miracle. US activities in the field of industrialization, decentralization of the economy and increas exports contribut to improving the living conditions CZ Lists of the local population. The purpose of such action was the fear that otherwise Japanese society would defect to the Soviet Union. The existing business groups, the so-call keiretsu , which agre to cooperate to improve the industry. The development of technology and employment growth relat to this.

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