Goals Consider that before creating any piece of content, you have to know Why and how what the. Therefore, objective is that you are going to set in the short, medium and long term. It uses the SMART methodology, which stands for specific , measurable , achievable , relevant and. Therefore, timely . For example, gain 100 followers in 15 days or increase the conversion rate of your emails by 10% this month.


What is web content Why and how production

Target audiences Knowing who you are targeting is. Therefore, essential to being executive email list successful in your content strategy. Only in this way will you be able to create personalized content for your clients and conversion will be. Therefore, favored. For example, creating content for a person who is starting a business is not the same as creating content for a consolidated company in the market. Consider your strategy These are the strategies you can follow to create content:


Target audiences

Conversion: in this case you have to consider that your. Therefore, content generates quality visits, so that later you can offer your products CZ Lists or services. Virality: to do this, look for a piece of content that you have already published and that has been very viral, and create similar content with. Therefore, the aim of generating the same effect. Traffic: choose a keyword that generates search volume and with this you will generate traffic to your website. Brand: create content that improves the image of your business or the inventory you want to offer.

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