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Trusting a person even in the first contact? Some rapport techniques can make you conquer this “feeling” with your leads and customers! This technique is of great importance in the commercial area since the consumer journey has changed. Today, people are more open to closing a deal when they feel a connection with each other, whether because of trusting their words, the way they were approached or how the sales professional listened carefully to their gaps. Want to know more about this sales technique ? We’ve prepared an article with tips on how to build rapport with your leads and get more sales! What is sales rapport Rapport is a derivation of the French term “” and means “to report or bring back”.

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As a way to create a sympathetic connection with the prospect through harmonic and empathetic communication. That is, rapport is a kind of mimesis. An imitation of gestures, tones of voice, style and ideas between interlocutors with the aim of making the dialogue harmonious and from Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturers Email List there understanding the pain, generating empathy and making the lead more receptive to receiving information, increasing the chances of a successful sale. With this, the sales professional is able to start the conversation in a more affective way and the lead receives the information more receptively, without the weight of the sale itself. The importance of rapport in sales communication The strategist and one of those responsible for popularizing the concept of programming (NLP), Anthony Robbins , says that: “ Rapport is the ability to enter bond in common.

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Are used by sales professionals in order to convert leads more easily, especially in the pre-sales phase . According to the State of Inbound a study released by ,  of sellers CZ Lists have difficulties with pre-sales and prospecting activities . Therefore, rapport techniques in sales present themselves as a real opportunity to obtain a friendly and intimate negotiation between the client and the sales executive. Who doesn’t like to relate to people who can relate, in addition to having a pretty cool connection of empathy with someone else? So can I talk about common matters with the client? It’s not like that. The rapport concept focuses on the harmony of a dialogue and extends through receptiveness, that comfortable feeling that when you speak, someone listens. There is no difficulty in rapport techniques .

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